Chile mining policies, Part 2

* Part 1 posted on May 03, 2017.

A good article from, How copper riches helped shape Chile’s economic storyJune 21, 2017, featuring infographics from Altiplano Minerals.

It started with some history of copper mining since about 500 BC, then the Incan civilization, then Spanish colonization, then the “silver rush.”



The Allende dictatorship led to nationalization or state ownership of the mines.

Then the “copper rush”.

Reaping the benefits of mining. Like 56% of total exports are from mining; “mining capital of S. America.”


Business-friendly policies to both mining and non-mining industries and players.


Chile’s geography — elongated, mountainous, part of the “Pacific Rim of Fire” — shows that it is a product of rich volcanic movement and this has gifted Chile with lots of mineral products. Its government is wise to develop its mining potentials which can last for hundreds or even thousands of years. The Earth’s core-mantle-crust is never static, it is dynamic and keeps producing mineral products below the ground.

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