Black sand mining in Zambales by a China firm

There was a recent report from GMA News about the apprehension and arrest of mostly Chinese crew in a Chinese vessel, caught in the act of loading black sand extracted and stolen from Zambales. The arresting officers were composed of the DENR-MGB and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).


Black sand mining has been around for several years now. There should be collusion by the municipal governments plus local police and possibly local DENR officials, why these things continue to happen.

The scheme is very deceptive. A huge cargo ship with PH flag on it but the ship has China marks. The crew are mostly if not entirely Chinese.


The CA-rejected DENR Secretary Gina Lopez is not known to go after small-scale illegal mining, black sand illegal mining like this, she was just focused on demonizing the big metallic mining firms.

Here, huge volume of black sand from another barge is loaded into the huge cargo ship.


Black sand has magnetic properties and are used in producing steel bars, among others. Below, a big area of the coast has been cleared of sand. Both China commie officials, their domestic corporate cronies, and the corrupt local government/s in Zambales, conspire to make this huge robbery.


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