OPEN MINEded ka ba? UP Forum with Gab Pamintuan

min1I saw this photo of Engr. Gabriel “Gab” Pamintuan, a faculty member of the UP College of Engineering, Department of Mining, Metallurgical, Materials Eng’g., in a friend’s fb wall, nice.

Gab was my co-speaker in a symposium, “OPEN MINEded ka ba?” on September 22,2015 at the College of Science Auditorium, UP Diliman, Quezon City. The event was organized by the UP Mining Engineering Society (UP Miners) and co-sponsored by about 10 other student organizations in UP.

That night with officers and members of UP Miners with Gab. He has a BS ME from UP Diliman, MS in Petroleum Engineering in a US university, and that time was pursuing a PhD in nuclear engineering. Impressive academic credentials.

Including those who come and go, there were about 100+ students who attended the forum. One young faculty member from the National Institute of Geological Sciences (UP NIGS) brought her entire class to the forum. She later asked for my presentation and that of Gab, she would use in her presentation at a forum abroad that month.

min3My presentation that night.

Among the slides I showed. If the direct and indirect payments are summed up, the local communities really benefit from sustainable, long-term, scientific and corporate large-scale mining. Workers and their kids who have free or subsidized housing, free private hospitalization, private school, roads and street lighting, etc. Then the non-employees who have shops, carinderias, vendors who cater to the needs of officers and employees. Not to mention the various taxes, fees, royalties, paid to local and national government units.  My 23-slides presentation is posted in slideshare here.

Still, many people hate mining, especially corporate mining without understanding,  or refusing to understand that a lot of bad and negative images of mining destruction come from “small scale”, short-term, guerilla type of mining. Gab Pamintuan’s presentation with lots of photos was truly an  eye-opener.

There were also participants from Adamson University, geology students, below. They traveled from Manila to UP Diliman to hear the discussion.

What we cannot grow, we must mine. If people do not believe that mining is useful, try NOT using any products of mining — tv and ref, cars and buses, spoon and fork, electricity and electronic gadgets like cell phones and computers.

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